Seeing past and current VPN statistics

How can I see past and current VPN sessions? I did this, but I don't see any history. For example, I VPN'd 2 days ago, and when I select 7 days for history, I don't see anything. Its blank.

https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/system_status/stats_vpn_mobile-vpn_web.html#:~:text=Select System Status > VPN Statistics,for Mobile VPN tunnels appear.

We also have a dimensions server, and I don't see anything on there either.

I know on the Meraki if you type in the VPN subnet, it will show any active sessions and you can also see history. That's what I'm looking for.



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    The Web UI VPN Statistics -> Mobile VPN tab will show connected client VPN sessions, but not session connection time nor utilization.

    You can see current VPN client connections in WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) -> Firebox System Manager (FSM) -> Authentication List -> Mobile VPN Users, which will include session connection time but not utilization.

    You should also be seeing client VPN info in Dimension.

    To see utilization in Dimension, you need to have Logging enabled on policies which allow traffic. In this case for policies which allow client VPN session connections.

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    I enabled logging on the VPN policy, and I VPN'd from home last night.
    But I don't see anything in the dimension. I selected past 7 days, but nothing.

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    Try entering a VPN user name in Dimension -> Per client reports -> Summary

    You should see activity reports.
    If not, then you are not logging everything for a VPN user or you don't have enough specific policies for VPN users, such as HTTP/HTTPS proxy policies for them.

    In my case, the user name format was xxxxxx@Firebox-DB

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    I never used this feature. This is my Dimension home page. Where do I go from here?

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    Have you set up your firewall to log to Dimension?
    If not, you must.

    Then you select your firewall.

    See Step 4 here:
    Get Started with WatchGuard Dimension

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    This page describes the tabs that you see on the Dimension main page:

    About the Home Pages

    The VPNs tab is for Dimension Command: "From the VPNs page you can create and manage VPNs between the connected Fireboxes that Dimension manages."

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    Thanks, I'll take a look later. I'm still relatively new to WG, but it seems like there's a different program for monitoring. I'm used to having everything in one place with Meraki.

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    In the Executive Summary -> Top Client list, you can select View All.
    The resulting list will include VPN users. Then you can see info for a user by selecting that user's entry.

    You can see the info for a specific VPN user in Dimension -> Per client reports -> Summary, where you need to enter a specific VPN user's IP addr or VPN connection name.

    There is no way to see a complete list of just VPN users for the time period selected other than via the Executive Summary.

    There is no info for the start time or end time of client VPN sessions.

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    Thank you, I see it now.

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    Great news.

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