XTM25 problems to connect on VDSL with VLAN

Device is a XTM 25 on version 12.1

I need to connect a second internet connection to an existing XTM25. The new line is a VDSL (Deutsche Telekom Super Vectoring) line. I setup the interace according to this guide: http://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/fireware/12/en-us/Content/en-US/networksetup/dsl_vdsl_vlan_c.html (using Policy Manager). Connection is establilshed by PPPoE

The System Manager shows the interface connected but failed. However, it shows some bytes of data transferred and has the correct public IP assigned.

Where can I find logging information/error messages for the PPPoE login?

If anybody knows correct settings for my ISP that would be appreciated too.

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