Internet dial-up without a router

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I need help with a WAN port configuration. At the moment there is a router in front of the Watchguard, which is connected to a modem. We have a 500Mbit synchronous fiber optic line. The dial-in is configured in the router. Eth0 (WAN) is set to DHCP on the watchguard. We got a fixed public IP (x.x.x.x/32) from the provider. The username and password are required but can be chosen arbitrarily. In addition, the download and upload speed must be set to 550Mbits/s. I have now tried to configure a Watchguard port with this data so that we can save on the router. It does not work. Why not?
What I didn't find in the watchguard is the down and upload setting. Does somebody has any idea. Thank you


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