TDR Upgrade to EDR Question

We just got a T25 about a month ago. I am learning about some of this as i go. Our box has 5 TDR hosts and 5 EDR core licenses. I read that the T25 can support 50 EDR core licenses. There is an option to upgrade TDR to EDR core licenses. In the documentation it states "In preparation for the release of ThreatSync, accounts with TDR Host Sensor licenses in WatchGuard Cloud were duplicated with EDR Core licenses. You may already have EDR Core licenses in WatchGuard Cloud." Question is if i upgrade TDR to EDR this will not give me 10 EDR licenses correct? If this is the case can someone please point me in the direction of purchasing extra licenses as i am lost trying to find them.


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    I think that you only get 5.

    Here are 2 SKUs:
    WatchGuard EDR - 3 Year - 1 to 50 licenses - WGEDR30103
    WatchGuard EDR - 1 Year - 1 to 50 licenses - WGEDR30101

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