easy way to search mac-address

Hi There, I was looking for a mac-address in to the firewall arp Table but I understand that it seems is quite an annoying task:
First I tried using the firebox system manager -> system status and with a ctrl+f searching the ip address in the arp table but I realized that system manager only shows a partial list of the arp table.
So I used the web UI, the list here is complete but I had to search in more than 30 pages to find the mac-address i was looking for.....
This is not easy at all... is there an easier/faster way to accomplish this task?


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    edited July 2023

    If you can successfully ping the IP addr from a Windows PC on the same subnet as the dest IP addr, then you can then look at the Windows ARP table on the PC.

    arp -a

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    There is an arp.txt file in a support file

    Look in Fireware_XTM_Support.tgz\Fireware_XTM_Support.tar\support\networking\arp.txt

    Not sure if this is more complete than the one you see in FSM Status Report or not.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    The arp.txt file is the complete one. It is truncated beyond (200 I think?) lines in the status report to keep it from causing the status report taking an excessive amount of time to load.

    (You can get the support file in the WebUI under System Status -> Diagnostics, and click the link to download a support file, or in Firebox System Manager by going to the status report tab, clicking support, then retrieve.)

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    @Bruce: thanks for the support
    @james it could be a good idea to put a search field in the WebUI arp table to make it easier to search such a "simple" information.
    Thanks again!

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