Error when trying to download a support log file

Dear sirs,
I am trying to download a support log file from a Firebox M400 in order to get further details from a traffic issue I am having, but when selecting the 'Download a Support Log File' link, I get an error on top of the page that says 'undefined undefined'.
Can it be possible that I did some wrong configuration?
I am running version 12.9, build 673767.

Thank you!


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    From where are you trying to do this?

    The Web UI or WSM Firebox System Manager -> Status Report?
    Or someplace else???

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    edited June 2023

    If from the Web UI, I don't have this issue - running V12.9.3.

    Perhaps a reboot of the firewall will fix this.
    Or try using the Windows software WatchGuard System Manager -> Firebox System Manager -> Status Report

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