Failover Modem - D-Link DWM-222 not working

I have a Watchguard T80 running version 12.9.3.
I have a -Link DWM-222 (chosen as it is on the supported modem list) for a failover link.

It has a PlusNet sim, and the USB modem works fine when plugged into a PC.

I have configured the Modem through the web interface. There is no option to select the modem type as detailed in the instructions below.

_To configure the account settings for your modem, from Fireware Web UI or Policy Manager:

Select Network > Modem.
Make sure that the Enable Modem check box is selected.
From the Modem Type drop-down list, select the type of modem to configure._

Also, there is no monitoring option in the System menu as in the instructions below
_To monitor the LTE modem status:

From Fireware Web UI, select System Status > 4G LTE Modem or 5G Modem.
For more information, go to 4G LTE and 5G Modem Status. The 4G LTE or 5G modem status also appears on the Dashboard Front Panel in Fireware Web UI._

The modem appears in the interfaces menu, and the status shows up on the Status->interfaces.

The instructions say it will auto configure for failover.

Auto failover does not happen.

The only error in the log files is
"2023-06-29 13:51:18 networkd get_interface_counter failed for modem0"
from which I would suspect the modem type is not correct - but there is no way to set it.

Has anyone else seen this issue and/or found a way to correct it?



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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Ian_Cleverley
    You're very likely running a DWM-222 with a different VID/PID than supported.

    Since it's popping up in windows, if you can do the following while it's plugged into your PC.
    -Press the Windows button and X on your keyboard and select Device Manager.
    -Your device may show up as a network device or a USB device depending on the driver, but find your DWM-222 in the device list and double click it.
    -Go to the Details tab and under the property drop down find Hardware ID.

    If the vendor and product IDs don't match, the firewall will not detect the modem, and the interface will not initialize since the firewall will not be able to use it to dial out.
    Vendor (VID) 0x0BDB
    Product (PID) 0x1926

    Unfouranetely, drivers for these device vary wildly between carriers, so simply adding the PID/VID does not usually work.

    If you're running a different VID/PID, I would suggest opening a support case. There is an existing feature request (FBX-21775) to add support for more variants of this modem.

    Supported VID/PIDs for each modem are provided in the article here:

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Thanks for the info.
    It turns out the IDs are USB\VID_2001&PID_7E46&REV_0228
    The vendor ID is the same as the DWM_221 (from the article) and the PID is very different so I'll open a support case.

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