Upgrade firmare ERROR with FireCluster (n.2 M200)

Hi, I try to update my 2 Firewire M200 in Firecluster (Active-passive) using System Manager Upgrade function (version already updated to 12.5), from actual release v. 12.0.1.B546110 to newest 12.5 version or 12.4.1 U1 version, but with both version, I received the same error during the upgrade of Firecluster "The Firecluster Upgrade Did not complete successfully, with result FAILED for the PASSIVE one, and "not attempted" for the Active Master.
How can I solve it??


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    You should open a support incident on this

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    thanks, It's not possible to oper a support incident without a serial number registered?

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    edited July 2019

    Why aren't your firewalls registered with WG ?

    Also, if you do not have a current LiveSecurity license, you can't do an upgrade.

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