Firebox M200 lost TOTAL SECURITY Licence

Good morning, I find this problem on my M200 in Cluster, I don't have no APT BLOCKER service active and I remain only the BASIC SUITE service activated.
We Upgrade from Basic to Total Security correctly in March 2019, so with expire data in march 2020, How is it possibile? How can I reactivate it??
I'm on OS firmware versione 12.0.1, is it possible that I can solve this problem after upgrade OS to 12.4 or last 12.5 ?


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    George_GrinnellGeorge_Grinnell WatchGuard Representative

    You should really open a customer care support case to get help with licensing.

    Most likely issues are
    1. You never activated the Total Security upgrade on wg.com
    2. If you did activate you did not install the new feature key

    Customer care can help you resolve the issue.
    You can open a case here: https://www.watchguard.com/wgrd-support/contact-support.


    George Grinnell
    WatchGuard Representative

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