Chrome not showing after Windows Updates

We have a few computers that Chrome no longer works if Watchguard EPDR is installed. I put the client in Audit Mode, and then Disabled. Chrome is running in the background but not showing. If we uninstall the Watchguard Client then Chrome works just fine. This happened after the latest Windows update. Same problem as some users with Malwarebytes are having. Not all Machines but this particular machine is a Dell Optiplex 3080 Mini. Anyone else having issues with Chrome?


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    In fact the update causing the issue is KB5027231. Chrome starts a process which is running but is prevented from fully launching.

    As a workaround you may disable anti-exploit module in EPDR. That resolves the issue with chrome not showing up in W11 computers after W11 update - KB5027231. Another workaround is to roll back this update.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    We have already identified the source of the problem and we are working on a fix that is scheduled to be automatically deployed early/mid next week.
    In the meantime, if you do not want to disable AntiExploit on the profile for the devices, you can Set Chrome as default web browser to also avoid the incident.
    This can be a less aggressive WA, we will update the corresponding KB with new info

    Thanks for your patience.


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