EDR Core blocked UNIRES.DLL


Today i installed a windows shared network printer which is using Windows Generec text driver. EDR Core blocked the unires.dll file.

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Execution attempt Location: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3\UNIRES.DLL 13-06-2023 09:43 Blocked

But how do i unblock this file? Local EDR admin interface can´t do it and looking at the cloud interface on the machine, i see no detections or alerts.



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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, Robert_Vilelmsen

    Are you sure it is being blocked by EDR core?
    EDR core does not have Blocking capabilities, only informs on suspicious or unknown files.

    It can be EDR or EPDR.

    Could you please confirm?



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    It says it´s blocked.

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    David_David_ WatchGuard Representative

    Yes, It says blocked, I have not doubt of your words. But it must be EDR or EPDR.
    If it is blocking it, there must be a detection on the online console and from there you should be able to unblock it.

    I am sending a PM to you.


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    Okay, somehow my EDR Core client had managed to block a dll file despite it´s configuration was to audit only.

    0 audit
    1 hardening
    2 lock

    Uninstalling WatchGuard EDR core and forcing a sync solved it.

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