firebox has no protected networks

Looking at it says one of my fireboxes has no protected networks after upgraded to 12.5.

Anyone else seeing this?



  • Yep.. Me too. AND It shows me as using the USA DNS servers and not the Australian DNS servers. I checked the Fireboxes and they are chatting to the correct DNS servers, so my guess is its a Web Page problem..

    Adrian from Australia

  • kindly said

  • I have opened a case with WG

  • mboscolomboscolo Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    WatchGuard is working on getting this issue fixed both on the Appliance and DNSWatch cloud server side. Tracking ID FBX-17207

  • If i disable and enable DnsWatch, it only works for a short time. After a while DnsWatch website again shows "fireboxes has no protected networks".
    So disable/enable DnsWatch is not a real fix.

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    Sort of.. It does show the protected Fireboxes, including one that has not been in service for over 12 months.. But it still shows the incorrect resolver (the USA ones and not the Australian ones actually used)..

    I wish I could add a image here to show the problem..

    As RVilhelmsen says - it is not a permanent fix or even a suitable workaround.. However, it does only seem to be a display issue as DNSWatch is working as intended for us.

    Adrian from Australia

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