TDR instance


I see TDR instance errors on all my fireboxes.
TDR Instance
Primary Server: tdr-fbla-eu.watchguard.com(
Primary server error: Network unavailable
Status: Not Connected
Active: None
Global Flags: PRI_FAIL (0x0040)

All boxes are located in DK.

Do any of you see this also?



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    Did you create the appropriate firewall policies? Also, make sure Geolocation isn't blocking anything....

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    No GEO blocking. Should the firewall not create its own rule for this, as its a service running on the box itself.
    Anyway - it has been working before. Don´t know when this issue startet, as we don´t get any alerts on this.

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    No, Per WG Tech Document, you are supposed to create a TDR rule.

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    yes, it says to create a policy for the internal TDR clients (which i have) - not for the firebox itself.

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    I'd watch the outbound traffic logs....

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    not much to see even when logging packets send from device itself is enabled.
    No debug is possible with TDR, so this is hard to debug my self, so i have opened a supoort case.

    I guess is there is a issue a WG EU TDR setup or a issue on the route between my ISP to Amazon.

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    During night time all boxes reconnected to Amazon TDR site again.

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