Problem to Upload PDF file to site web

Hi, we are having problems uploading PDF files to our web management system. Our management system provider cannot find any problem on their end. It seems that our firewall, Firebox, is blocking the upload of PDF files.


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    What do you see in Traffic Monitor related to this?
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    You could add a HTTPS packet filter To: the remote site IP address or domain name, and see if that works
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    edited May 2023

    I have this description from the traffic monitor when the connection is blocked: signature_id="1056897" signature_name="EXPLOIT VMware Server ISAPI Extension Remote Denial Of Service " signature_cat="DoS/DDoS" severity="4"

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    The Intrusion Prevention Service blocks the connection

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    Description: There exists a vulnerability in the ISAPI extension provided by VMware Server to extend support to IIS for running Perl scripts.

    This is an exploit from 2008.

    If the server is not VMware or is, but is a newer version than from 2008, then this is a false positive, and can be excluded in the IPS settings.

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