Multiple wans different use case, what is the best way to procede?

Hello everyone,
We are running a m390 cluster, firmware 12.9.2.

I inherited this setup and the fundamental problem is that I have 3 wans, only one of these for internet access, the other two are very specific networks, very similar to mpls.

However, these 3 wans have the same weight and are set on the Multi-Wan list in the routing table, which I think is wrong.

Basically, if I try to ping google.com, I get different results because the clients tries to switch between 3 different networks, two of which are "closed".

How should I approach this setup?

remove the two "mpls" networks from the multi wan and use static routes or sdwan on the specific policies?

I hope I was clear in explaining how the setup is arranged and my doubts about it.

Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to point me in the right direction


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    edited May 2023

    Yes, I would do as you suggest - remove the 2 from Multi-WAN and setting up routes and/or SD-WAN for the others

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    Thanks Bruce, i've done it and all seems good now

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