AuthPoint App User Experience


I just finished deploying the AuthPoint app to ~40 users, and it's time for some constructive feedback with regards to the user experience :)

The progress bars on each token have been universally misleading. Almost without exception, every single user I set up said/asked some variant of "it's trying to do something", "it's downloading/uploading something", "It's been doing this for the last 2 hours and nothing's happened", etc. I suggest they should be replaced with something more intuitive - for example the MS authenticator app uses a countdown circle where it shows the number of seconds remaining in the center, and the circumference of the circle is the progress bar that reduces, not increases as time goes on.

Also, the "Check for pending push notifications" link seems to confuse people as well - many people have read it as "Checking for pending push notifications", and also assumed that its "doing" something. Perhaps removing it from the main display and putting it in the menu would be more suitable. The language also strikes me as a little off - if you have to fetch, it's not push.


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