2 internal networks

We have 2 networks within the same building.

192.168.10.x connected to LAN 1
192.168.11.x connected to LAN 2

both can ping each other, but refuse to talk to each other. i.e 192.168.10.x cannot connect to a NAS on 192.168.11.x

Any ideas please?


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    What do you see in Traffic Monitor related to this?
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    Traffic is not allowed between VLANs without a policy allowing that traffic.
    You probably have a Ping policy which allows pings to Any - thus between the VLANs.
    You need to add a policy, such as a TCP-UDP packet filter, between the VLANs.
    . From: Any-trusted To: Any-trusted
    . From: VLAN id 1 To: VLAN id 2
    . From: VLAN id 2 To: VLAN id 1

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