Notice of shutdown or restart by mail in AP AP327X and AP225W

Good morning everyone, I am new to this forum and owner of the Wachtguard infrastructure.

I have 6 APs deployed in a network and I would like to know if there is a way that every time an AP is turned off we receive a notification by mail.

It's possible?



  • There is nothing obvious in Traffic Monitor when my WGC managed AP300 gets unconnected or reconnected.

    One option is to use monitoring software, such as a ping tool, to send a ping to the AP at least every minute.
    One example is Servers Alive. It has a free version.
    This tool can alert you via e-mail when a monitored device goes down and comes back up.

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    I see this log message in Traffic Monitor:
    2023-04-18 10:19:13 GWC email Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] went offline. proc_id="gwcd" time="Tue Apr 18 10:19:13 2023 (EDT)" Alarm****

    If you have a WG log server (WSM Log & Report server) or Dimension, and you have GWC set up to send e-mail alarm notifications, then you should be able to get e-mail when an AP goes down and comes back up.

    My 2 tests, and resulting e-mail messages:
    Message: Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] went offline.
    Message: Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] came online.

    I don't have a Wi-Fi clould managed one, so I don't know the options for them, but I expect that there is a similar notification option.

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