Notice of shutdown or restart by mail in AP AP327X and AP225W

Good morning everyone, I am new to this forum and owner of the Wachtguard infrastructure.

I have 6 APs deployed in a network and I would like to know if there is a way that every time an AP is turned off we receive a notification by mail.

It's possible?



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    There is nothing obvious in Traffic Monitor when my WGC managed AP300 gets unconnected or reconnected.

    One option is to use monitoring software, such as a ping tool, to send a ping to the AP at least every minute.
    One example is Servers Alive. It has a free version. https://www.woodstone.nu/
    This tool can alert you via e-mail when a monitored device goes down and comes back up.

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    edited April 2023

    I see this log message in Traffic Monitor:
    2023-04-18 10:19:13 GWC email Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] went offline. proc_id="gwcd" time="Tue Apr 18 10:19:13 2023 (EDT)" Alarm****

    If you have a WG log server (WSM Log & Report server) or Dimension, and you have GWC set up to send e-mail alarm notifications, then you should be able to get e-mail when an AP goes down and comes back up.

    My 2 tests, and resulting e-mail messages:
    Message: Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] went offline.
    Message: Wireless Access Point 'AP300' [30AP028E54723] came online.

    I don't have a Wi-Fi clould managed one, so I don't know the options for them, but I expect that there is a similar notification option.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    You can set up alerts via Gateway Wireless using custom notifications as Bruce mentioned.

    For WiFi cloud, you can set up alerts if the AP goes down for more than (10-120 minutes) in Configure -> Alerts.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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