EDR dection of Unmanaged computer alerts

I have had ERD installed on my Windows laptop in my home setup for a while.
So far, EDR "Unmanaged computer" notifications have eventually come for my firewall, and for a printer, but not for a 2nd laptop, cell phones, tablets or APs. All of these devices are on the same subnet as my laptop.

From the docs:

For a discovery computer to find unmanaged computers on the network, the computers must:

Not be hidden by the administrator.
Not be currently managed by WatchGuard Endpoint Security.
Be located on the same subnet segment as the discovery computer.

Designate a Discovery Computer

Applies To: WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR Core

Discovery computers find computers on the network that WatchGuard Endpoint Security does not manage. The first Windows computer that you add to WatchGuard Endpoint Security is automatically designated as the discovery computer.


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    David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, Bruce_Briggs

    Please check he devices to be discovered are on the same subnet than the discovery device.
    Check they are using private IPs, as we do not search over public IPs

    try to ping the devices, that could give you a clue on why is not working, as maybe they are unreachable. This is not determinant, but might provide a guidance.

    If you still cannot find the issue, I suggest you open a case to
    so we can ask for info on the discovery device, and check what can be going wrong.

    Kind regards,


    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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    As stated initially, all are on the same subnet.
    And they are pingable.
    I will open a support case.

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