Upgraded to Firebox M290 From T55-W (System Features)

Hi, I just upgraded to an M290 and AP330 from T55-W. I am using Watchguard standard WIFI License with wireless ap. I have noticed that I do not have a disconnect client option on Watchguard cloud that i use to have in Firebox T55-w Webui or the signal strength of the wireless connections. I have also noticed that there is no failover light on the M290 and was curious if there is any obvious way to see on the M290 that the backup internet connection is running. The T55-W was very obvious when it had switched over.. Thanks for any input....


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    The WAN failover light was only available on the older desktop models - the XTM2 family, and the T10 - T70 ones.

    There are many differences between the wifi 5 (standalone AP and integrated with the firewall) and the wifi 6 management options.
    wifi 6 AP management is still a work in progress.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @GARYMN
    -Any client management features will be in WatchGuard Cloud (vice on the AP or firewall itself.) At this current point in time, there isn't a client disconnect button.
    Under most circumstances, a client that is disconnected from the AP itself will simply immediately reconnect.
    I'm happy to create a feature request to potentially get a feature added at a later time. However, I'd need to know what the specific use case is to make an effective feature request.

    With regards to the failover status, you can see the current status of the WAN links in any of the interface overviews (in Firebox System Manager, WebUI, or WatchGuard Cloud.) The bigger devices often have more than two external interfaces, so we don't include that light on the rackmount appliances due to the confusion it'd cause. (It was included on the older M440, and many customers got confused by how that indicator functioned on such a large device.)

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Thanks for the info....

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