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Is there a way to force all the computers to perform a Sync? Either in the Portal or via a command line?


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    David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    Hello, Eagsyn.

    Is this for a reason in particular?
    Becasuse devices are continuously communicating with the online servers for various reasons. here you can check what are those timely comunications and why are they uploading/downloading info from the cloud:
    RegisterPerformMandatory (Backend server registry): Every hour
    MonitorSamplesSend (CPU, Ram and HD counters delivery): Every 15 minutes
    SoftwareInventorySend: Every hour
    SoftwareInventoryMandatorySend: Every 7 days.
    HardwareInventorySend: Every day
    HardwareInventoryMandatorySend: Every 7 days.
    DeviceInfoCheck (Device information change control): Every hour
    DeviceInfoSendMandatory (Device information mandatory send): Every 7 days.
    SendSecurityEvents (antimalware detection report): Every 15 minutes.
    SendCounters: (url detections report): Every 4 hours.
    CheckCommands (batch of config, actions and tasks) Every 4 hours
    StatusMandatorySend (protections status mandatory send): Every 7 days.
    StatusSend (protections status send) Every 4 hours
    SendQuarantine: Every 7 days
    CheckUpdateSoftware(agent, protection,remotemanagement upgradecheck): Every 4 hours.
    CheckUpdateKnowledge (antimalware signature check): Every hour
    UpdateRepositoryContent (cache/repository component update frequency): Every hour.
    NotificationCheck (Checks if something changes when no realtime is active): Every 15 minutes.
    UninstallThirdPartyProducts: Every hour.
    SendPatchesInfo (checks if something needs to be patched): Dynamic value configured from console
    SendDataDiscoveryProbe (Discovered devices information): Dynamic value configured from console

    If any changes are made on te online console, these will take between 15 seconds and 5 minutes to be applied to the devices. (except for XP and 2003, as these OS do not have real-time communication, and it will take from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to be applied)

    ON the device, you can right click over the Antivirus icon, and select Sync
    And from the console, you select the device to be sync, and you click on the top right icon "refresh computer information": see pic:

    hope this helps.


    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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    edited October 2023

    Hi David,

    The purpose I would use it for would be to push exceptions to all clients faster. Sometimes we don't see a broken service, but a slowed one from EPDR scanning. Adding the scanning exceptions and pushing them out fast can be advantageous.

    Also I have found that sometimes Allowed Software Exceptions take longer than 15 minutes to sync. I followed up with a user and manually synced after lunch and the software worked after.

    Thank-you. If this is possible to identify a command or implement a push check in, that would be great.

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    David_CarroDavid_Carro WatchGuard Representative

    Hello @lukjrl

    I am afraid we do not have something like you are asking.
    Changes on the console will take something between a few seconds to 5 minutes the most.
    If it takes more that that it will be due to factors outside our reach, like network settings, bottlenecks, resources available on the device or network, etc.

    You can try to "refresh computer info" directly from the online console:

    Which will do the same as syncing from the device.

    If you want to submit any improvements, you can do so, by clicking on the top right gear from the online console, and select Suggestion Box.
    We always welcome and study all suggestions coming from our clients, that could lead to a improvement on our product.


    David Carro | Technical support
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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