Best Practice or How do others Replace Fireboxes in WSM SERVER

Hi there,
I wanted to start a discussion with other WG managers, what is the best way you replace Fireboxes in your Watchguard System Manager Server???

I feel like I might be doing something wrong but I haven't found any doco on this anywhere.

We have many fireboxes in our WSM Server. When I replace them with new models, xtm25 to T30 to t35 to 40 etc etc....

The process we do is:

-add new device in house,
-ship it out,
-install it,
-delete the old one,
-update the IP in WSM serer
-boom there we go. all done.

But this removes the history of the old configs which a bit of a pain. we save the last current xml config but I just hate losing that old data.

Is there a better way of doing this?

I'm just trying to see if I'm doing it right, wrong, same as others.

Thanks for any responses all!!!


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    Same here. Logging is related to the serial number so this is gone and configration files in wsm, i belive is related to a index number, so they are also lost.

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    Thanks Robert. At least I know I'm not the only one doing it this way.

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