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Hi Team,

I wonder if anyone would be able to help me out - was too fast and on u-boot level I issued the erase all command. Now my T30 is totally silent. Is there a way to restore the u-boot so I can load the OS again ?

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    Hello James, to be honest I did not expected such answer. Thought that there will be some hidden recovery partition. Unfortunately there is not active support contract. As DSV we bought Prime-Cargo company and we swap all to DSV standard. Those left and I wanted to know what they capable of. Anyway thank you very much for your answer. For it means the only way is to re-program the flash. For this have last question according to mobo it has this chip MX29LV320EBTI-70G. Googling it mactronix shows it is 32MB size - is that correct ?

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    What answer did you expect then? If you brick the device, it´s over.


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    Thank you @Bruce_Briggs I found this too. But according to doc page of Macronix it is 48 pins 32MB 3V Parallel NOR Flash. That is why I asked the question about potential hidden partitions. For small devices there is always debrick process available. I know soldering and programming is my last option.

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    On the above link page, it shows:
    "multiple revisions of this device, use caution"

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    I wish you the best in your endeavor, but I can't provide any instructions or information on how to manipulate one of our devices.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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