Chrome & Firefox present firewall IP address (whatismyipaddress.com), causing us connection problems

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Hi - We just installed a m4600 with the latest version of the firmware. We are having problems connecting to some sites here at MIT. It only occurs for Chrome and Firefox. I notice that when I connect to whatismyipaddress.com using those 2 browsers, that this website displays the firewall address, rather than the actual computer address. Explorer and Safari show the actual computer address, and both of those browsers work properly with all of the MIT sites.

MIT uses a duo & certificate authentication process (Touchstone). I'm guessing that the ip address issue is causing that authentication to break. In order to test my theory, what do I have to do in order for whatismyipaddress.com to display the actual computer ip address? Thanks. - Mark


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    What XTM version are you running ?
    If not the latest - 12.5, you should upgrade to that.
    There were issues with the HTTPS proxy with V12.4

    Accessing whatismyipaddress.com will always show the public IP addr of the packets which gets sent to that web site. Doubtful that this is your issue.

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    The different browsers are definitely displaying different ip addresses to the web sites I’m connecting to, because those sites have rules to allow access to our computer ip addresses, which was working using our previous firewall box. Now, only explorer, edge, and safari, can gain access to those sites. So at the very least, we need to find out how to fix that. I don’t understand how different browsers can display ip addresses, FWIW.
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    Multi-WAN can cause different internal PCs to show different external/public IP addrs. As can a single external interface with multiple public IP addrs and various firewall settings.
    Either give us all of the details of your external interfaces & IP addr ranges and SD-WAN/PRB usages or open a support incident to get WG help in resolving this.

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    And do the upgrade to V12.5

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    I just looked at an outside web server log file, and Explorer connections definitely show the ip address of my computer, while Chrome and Firefox don't!

    I'm pretty sure out software upgraded to 12.5, but I'll double check. I just submitted a ticket with Watchguard also. Because I can't find anyone else having our problem. Maybe our configuration is unique! We will see.

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    I have never seen whatismyipaddress.com return anything other than the WAN IP of whatever router I was behind, regardless of manufacturer. I always thought that was the expected behavior...to find one's WAN IP.

    Gregg Hill

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    I have never seen this either.
    Consider opening a support incident on this

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