Migration tool for local managed to cloud managed firewalls

I have a lot of locally managed Fireboxes to migrate to WatchGuard Cloud Managed Fireboxes. On my test environment when I do this I loose all firewall rules and get myself a Firebox that basically has been reset. Will there be a way in the near future to be able to copy the existant firewall rules into the cloud managed firewall?


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    Doubtful, since there are features in locally managed firewalls which are not available now and some which do not planned to be available ever.

    Review this for details of the above:
    WatchGuard Cloud Features for Firebox Configuration

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    You can have a locally managed firewall become managed by WG Cloud, but this is different management type.
    There are too many WG things called "cloud" which are different - such as 2 AP solutions via a different way for each type, 2 firewall mgt types called cloud.

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    Ok, thank you for your comment Bruce. I will have to "rethink" my strategy then.

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