VLAN unable to access Webserver on Optional interface

I recently segmented our network into a number of VLAN's. Our webserver sits on an optional interface that is not part of VLAN calle DMZ. If a device is part of one of corporate, trusted VLAN's i have no issues accessing the webserver. If i use a VLAN that i've designated for our guest network, i'm not able to access the webserver. I thought it might have been a policy, but adding an HTTPS packet filter didn't seem to resolve the issue. Reviewing the logs real-time show no traffic going to the DMZ Interface from the guest VLAN and reviewing logs in the dimension server show the same, nothing.

I thought it might be routing, but that doesn't make sense. It seems like it might be DNS, but the guest VLAN is using external DNS servers which should work. I know this is something simple.


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