Softphones connecting but no voice

We use a Panasonic softpone application for mobile users. In wifi network they work fine. In 4G network (through firewall) the application is connecting but no voice is passing through the firewall. All required ports from Panasonic are NAT to the PBX. No denied packets appear in traffic monitor. What shall we check?


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    Not sure what PBX you are using, but I would check the log files for connection errors. Also, if your PBX supports it, run a firewall test to ensure all ports are available. If you find errors, adjust your firewall accordingly.
    Lastly, does your softphone application have a Deskphone / Softphone switch?
    I run 3CX and the softphone on my remote PC has to be set to "Softphone" otherwise I don't get audio. Everything else works fine, just no sound.

    It's usually something simple.

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