Block Google ADs, and ads

Is there a way to block Google Ads on the firebox?

I saw this post, but this is from 2 years, so just want to get an updated answer.



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    I now use the Brave web browser which reduces ads, including removing them from YouTube.

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    Thank you, I never heard of Brave browser. But is there a way to block it from within Firebox?

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    Only the ways listed in the posts to which you provided a link.

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    Ok thank you, since you were the one that answered the one in my link.

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    edited January 2023

    You can also find on the Internet or create a list of domains that you want to block.
    Note that there is a limit of 1024 or 2048 domain names that you can have in a config, depending in the firewall model. So you can't have huge lists.

    Set up an Alias with that list and have a HTTPS packet filter policy denying those. You can import a list into an Alias.

    One can block domain name lookups in a DNS proxy - Query Names.
    But you need to add each domain name manually as there is currently no way to import a list into it.
    And, if you have DNSWatch enabled, DNS policies in a config are currently not processed.

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    ok thanks again

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