Can't add device to DImension

I have configured a dimension server. I managed to add devices. But there are some which I can't add properly. By checking the logs I keep having these messages:

See the attached picture

I already check traffic monitor, nothing is bolcked. I can't find out what causes this isssue.


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    edited January 2023

    Could be a firmware version issue ?

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    What version of Dimension are you running?

    What Fireware version is on a problem firewall?
    Does that firewall have a active support contract?

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    Version: 2.2 (641253)
    Watchguard that couldn't be added:

    • FireboxV-SM v12.2.1
    • T30-W 12.5.2
      Both have active support contract expired. But some that I have succeeded to add has also the same state of contract
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    Starting with V2.0 of Dimension, a firewall needs an active support contract in order to log to Dimension for more than a few days.

    From the Dimension V2.0 Release Notes:

    Appliances supported for logging and reporting
    WatchGuard Dimension can accept log messages and generate reports for any appliance that runs Fireware v11.x or higher that has a current Support subscription.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Like Bruce mentioned, unlicensed devices won't log to Dimension 2.0 or higher. If Dimension can't get license data in some cases, it will allow a two week grace period while it tires to get that data, but will eventually stop allowing the firewall to authenticate.

    Your choices for those devices will be:
    -Log to Dimension 1.3 or older.
    -Log to the deprecated windows Log/Report server.
    -Log to a third party server via syslog.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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