Watchguard Authpoint coexist with office365 MFA


We are now trying to deploy Authpoint for the vpn client in our enviroment. We have an AD on premise synced with Office365 with azure ADConnect. We already have MFA deployed to our users with O365 (using authenticator or Text Message).

The question is, could we integrate authpoint in office365 for specific users or groups to use authpoint from now on for office apps and VPN client and other users and groups remain with O365 default MFA. Or when i integrate Authpoint it forces me to use the app instead of Microsoft autheticator or Text message.

Thx for the help!!


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    With AuthPoint you will need to federate an entire domain. So you cannot do user by user.

    The only way around this that I've found is for users (or accounts) you don't want to use AuthPoint on, for example a scanner service account is to have those users primary username changed to the @domain.onmicrosoft.com suffix.

    In my opinion, AuthPoint should be the norm for all your accounts, and only do this for unique situations that cannot handle a third party MFA implementation.

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