Watchguard Cloud Firebox Health Missing

The firebox health is missing from all my fireboxes in the Watchguard cloud and I get a red banner saying unable to load health. I can no longer view external bandwidth history.
Is there an issue or maintenance going on?


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    It is not on mine either, and as far as I can remember, I don't think that it was ever implemented in the Cloud version.. There are many things in the Hyper-V version that are not in the Cloud version. I expect that they will turn up one day..

    Adrian from Australia

  • Jason_VendraminJason_Vendramin WatchGuard Representative

    Hi everyone - we're working on an issue that impacts the Firebox's health stream to WatchGuard Cloud. This impacts CPU and Memory usage, as well as Interface stats. We hope to have a fix soon.

    @xxup - once the data stream comes back online, you can check the Interface Summary report for bandwidth data. We got rid of the old External Bandwidth report because it was inefficient and it used a different set of counters from the Interface Summary data. We have added a new pivot to the Interface Summary report that allows you to filter the report by Zone (Interface Type), which you can then summarize by External interfaces.

  • Jason_VendraminJason_Vendramin WatchGuard Representative

    @Stevo @xxup

    We have deployed a fix for this issue across all three regions of WatchGuard Cloud. It will take a little bit of time for the backend to process all of the data and get fully caught up.

  • @Jason_Vendramin

    How long do you expect the backend process to take as I am still not seeing any health metrics for our fireboxes?

  • Jason_VendraminJason_Vendramin WatchGuard Representative


    It fully caught up yesterday in the USA region and late Saturday in the DEU (EMEA) region. We've got some tasks added to bolster our internal monitoring in this area so we get notified if it gets behind. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • I'm still not seeing Health for my firewall in WG Cloud.

  • I can see Health > Interface Summary.. :)

    Adrian from Australia

  • Lucky you.
    Mine has no Health - but it isn't sick AFAIK.

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