Cloud Managed Firebox: Copy whole config from one firebox to another


our Watchguard salespartner contact told us that we are very flexible with Watchguard MSSP and Cloud Managed Firebox.
For example we can tell our customers that switching to an higher Firebox model is easy. The customer just has to pay a higher monthly rate.

Well from sales side this is right. But my technicans have to rebuild the whole config if a custmers switches from a T40 to an T80 / M290. This cannot be done via templates. On pure local managed fireboxes this is possible with Watchguard System Manager. But we want to use the future technology: Watchguard Cloud!

Please integrate a "copy config" function to the Watchguad Cloud to copy all parameters (assigned templates, IP + interface settings, aliases, SNAT, and so on) from Firebox A to Firebox B.

Thank you very much.




  • Yes Please. This would be awesome

  • Hello everyone,

    just for your information: support told me, that this feature request is already been working on.

    This is already being worked on and is filed under:
    FCCM-5273: Copy Configuration in the Add Device Wizard
    There are quite a few aspects that have to be addressed for this to function properly however Dev is making pretty good progress on this.

    so let's wait for the devs :)


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