ProxyDeny: HTTP Invalid Request-Line format


i'm new to my company in IT Dept, and the 2 other people i'm workiong with are not familiar with Watchguard admin (neither do i, this only one who know it left several month ago before me)

we have a situation, where we need to allow a Forticlient VPN acces for some users, needed for a specific software.

for now, in our firewall, it's not working, we have this in our log

2023-01-10 17:23:50 Member2 Deny https/tcp 63523 443 Reseau local FO-SFR ProxyDeny: HTTP Invalid Request-Line format (HTTPS-Inspect-TEST-00) proc_id="http-proxy" rc="595" msg_id="1AFF-0005" proxy_act="HTTP-HTTPS-Inspect-Test" geo_dst="FRA" line="\x00\x16PP\x00\x10\xc0!\x01\x01\x00\x0e\x01\x04\x05J\x05\x06|(\xa9b"

how can i allow this traffic ?
tried to snitch around the HTTP-HTTPS-Inspect-Test proxy rule, but can't find where to allow this.


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