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We have a Firebox T55 bought via WatchguardONE NFR, version 12.5.6 (Build 633773).

I cannot upgrade firmware directly from WebUI because of the message "You need a LiveSecurity key to upgrade your Firebox. Click here for help".

I know that the support was not extended... So, it'is ok that I cannot upgrade to the last firmware 12.9 (Build 672226).

But I want to know if I can upgrade to a previous version manually uploading the "T55.sysa-dl" from WebUI.

I found this thread on the community, but is referring to Firebox T70:

on that thread someone said that the user can install "Fireware 12.7.2 Update 2 will install on out-of-support devices".

And this is the page dedicated to the T55:

I see that there are many older firmware but I don't understand if I can install them or which one, without having the LiveSecurity key:
Fireware v12.8.2
Fireware v12.8.1
Fireware v12.8 Update 1
Fireware v12.7.2 Update 2
Fireware v12.5.9 Update 2

I do not know if the install is blocked with a message if i cannot install something; I do not want to brick my device and ask here....

I found that T55 is EOL on 2025.
But I do not think that is important for me (I mean, for upgrade now the device).

Could someone help me?



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    I found this:

    and this:

    that specify that 12.7.2 update 2 can be installed even if without Feature Key.

    I have the answer....



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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Dario

    NFR (not for resale) appliances are sold to partners at a discount and are intended to assist partners in learning how to use Fireware and for other purposes for the partner. We only license these devices for three years intentionally to ensure that partners are working with the latest technology.

    If your T55 has expired, that means that it is over three years old. I would suggest getting a new appliance (like the T40 or T80) via the NFR program, rather than trying to use a device that can't be fully upgraded.


    If you wish to continue using your current
    96 c NFR appliance, you can talk with our customer care team about converting it to a standard appliance, which would allow you to purchase support (and firmware upgrades) for it.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    Hello. Thanks for reply me. Meanwhile I updated the FW to the latest 12.7.2u2.
    Sometimes ago I contacted my ref. here regarding the change to standard , but seems it was not possible. Anyway, as you said T55 is a bit old, I will ask my boss if it is feasible to change the FW with a new one via NFR program.
    I hope the answer will be yes, then I will contact again my ref. to ask.

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