TDR vs Cylance, and others

I'm having serious issues being able to recommend TDR to clients, mainly because there are no third party reviews or comparisons against other products like Cylance. Even Reddit has close to nothing on the topic . . .


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    I wouldn't compare it to Cylance. TDR is an add-on product, not an AV/Endpoint Protection Solution. If a client already has WatchGuard in place with the appropriate subscription, deploy it (nothing to loose). If you have a client that wants to deploy an additional layer of ransomware or endpoint protection, then look at TDR.
    Keep in mind, if a client has WatchGuard with a TSS, they already have a portion of Cylance via the WatchGuard Intelligent AV...

  • John_NortonJohn_Norton WatchGuard Representative

    Hi Brian,

    APT Blocker is not Cylance, it is LastLine. You may be thinking of Intelligent Antivirus, which is powered by Cylance. Otherwise, you are correct that TDR can complement Cylance AV, and while they do overlap in many ways the detection methodologies are different.

    RobMSP: There was an older NSS Labs report, but it is extremely out of date. I haven't seen many reliable 3rd party reports for other products either, so if you have any recommendations for sources you are using to compare products that would be interesting to look at.

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    Thanks for the correction John!
    I've edited my initial post with the correction

  • Brian,

    Keep in mind, if a client has WatchGuard with a TSS, they already have a portion of Cylance via the WatchGuard Intelligent AV" only holds true for the larger Fireboxes. Intelligent AV is not available on the table top units.

    Gregg Hill

  • Gregg, I hope thats a key consideration that is pointed out by WatchGuard resellers for potential customers!
  • Brian,

    None of my clients can afford anything larger than a T35 (nor are they big enough to need anything larger), so I am lucky in that respect.

    Gregg Hill

  • I am also lucky as 1/3 sites has a firewall 'big' enough to support Next-Gen AV. I'm going to have to review the latest WG 2019 internet security report as I thought they had said that their new next gen AV was catching a majority of the threats...
    I also may consider re-directing all internet traffic from my other two sites through HQ so they pickup the Next Gen AV.

  • John, What's the lowest Firebox that supports the Next-Gen/Intelligent AV capability?

  • Lowest is M270

    These Firebox models support IntelligentAV:

    Firebox M Series (except M200/M300)
    Firebox Cloud

    Gregg Hill

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