Since update to FireWare 12.9.B672226, FireBox or config. file does not support TDR?

I recently updated our T80 to FireWare 12.9.B672226 (version which was recently released).

Since then, each time I try to save a configuration in WSM, I get the wollowing error message : the os version of the firebox or configuration file does nos support threat detection & response. These settings will be removed. Do you want to continue?

I didn't press yes for now, because I dont want to loose the TDR config. So I can't make any change from now on on the Firebox configuration untill I find a solution to that, which is a big problem.

Does someone has any idea about what might have caused this? What are the solutions?


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    I had this too in the V12.9 Beta.

    Look at the V12.9 What's New.
    There is a section on TDR - which says with 12.9 one does not have to enable it - it is now automatically enabled for locally managed Fireboxes with cloud reporting

    The docs & Release Notes don't mention this.

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    Also experiencing this with 12.9 firmware and WSM.
    I've been using the web UI as a holdover.

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    I'm getting this as well with v12.9.B672226. Same as you I haven't been pressing yes for now, as I don't want to loose the TDR config.
    Has there been any update on this or are we wait for a new firmware release to resolve it?

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    TDR is still working for me in the cloud after I made changes to my config using Policy Manager and saved it to the firewall.

    As far as I am concerned, this is just an informational notification.

    I have notified the docs team to update the TDR docs related to this, as it clearly scares people unnecessarily.

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    In the Web UI, if you look at Subscription Services, notice that TDR is no longer there either like it was in V12.8.x and earlier, once it is set up in the cloud.

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    @Bruce_Briggs , a big thanks for all your answers here! Really appreciated!

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