Logmein vs VPN

Currently users use Logme in to remotely access their work computers from home. We could also use VPN to connect to work.

Personally when I used Logmein, I found it really sluggish and annoying, but VPN was better.

For example, I have 2 monitors, and Logmein showed 2 monitor windows, but I know with VPN and remote desktop, it will combine both monitors into one right?
Plus, Logmein is not free, but VPN is, and I would think VPN is more secure because we're not using someone else's 'services' to connect to work.

When I asked why we're not using VPN, I was told that we had to disable remote desktop for users for CMMC, but aren't we doing the same thing with Logmein?
I would think with VPN, you're connecting straight from your home public IP to work public IP, versus with Logme in, you're connecting from home - > Logmein servers -> work?

Do you guys use VPN or something like Logmein? I've always used VPN but I'm new to this company.


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    edited December 2022

    I agree with you. I've used LogMeIn when it was free. It's very slow. I no longer used it when they start charging. I now use IKEv2 VPN (on WG device) + Remote Desktop.

    Connecting to remote PC at 100x100 Mbps fiber connection (at the workplace), I can't tell if the remote computer is located 30 or 1000 miles away from the office. It "feels" the same as doing remote desktop session to any PC in the building (connected to 100x100 Mbps switches). Perhaps a tiny bit slower in response but completely acceptable.

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    Correct, that was my experience like I said. For example, when I tried SSH into a switch from Logmein, I could only do it sometimes because we have MFA also setup, and by the time I got the notification on my phone, the SSH session already expired.

    When tried with WG Mobile VPN, no issues.

    What about the CMMC part? We are allowed to use VPN and remotely connect to work computer right? I can't believe that being out of compliant.

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    other feed back also welcome, especially about the CMMC compliance.

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    I would love to hear someone from WatchGuard's opinion on this. If this is true, aren't all VPNs illegal? I'm talking about the CMMC part.

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    Review this, which indicates that VPN is not illegal - but VPN does have a list of requirements to meet CMMC:

    Is remote work allowed for CMMC?

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    Thank you, that's what I was looking for

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