Firebox mail server protection

Hello everyone.
Please tell me if the mail server is in the cloud, is it possible to somehow configure the local Firebox so that it filters spam and so on of the cloud mail server?


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    previously, we had an email server inside the perimeter in the VMS. Firebox successfully filtered mail: deleted attachments, spam, quarantined emails.

    now, to ensure work in blackouts, the mail server has been moved to the cloud abroad. customers still go to it for mail from LAN, which is located behind the watchguard

    I would like to configure the watchguard so that it filters mail further.

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    What do you users use to access the remote mail server ?

    The only spam control feature in Fireware is spamBlocker, which protects a SMTP server.
    You can use the SMTP proxy to filter emails which will be sent to the off site email server.
    This document shows ans example of how to do this. Note that you must have email for your site be sent to your firewall public IP addr for this to work.

    Office 365 with Firebox SMTP-Proxy Integration Guide
    https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/Integration-Guides/General/Office 365_Firebox_SMTP.html

    There is an IMAP proxy & a POP3 proxy, both of which have Gateway AV options.

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