Disable spamblocker after license expired

I have a customer whose basic security license expired yesterday, even we have informed him multiple times about the license expiration.
However now I have the problem, that he does not receive any new E-Mails and I am not able to disable the spamBlocker because if I select subscription spamBlocker I only get the information that this feature is not enabled.
I have also created a clone of the default smtp-proxy and configured because as far as I know the default smtp-proxy has not spamBlocker enabled.
But the server still gets no E-Mails from the firebox, and the Firebox loggings does not display any errors or similar.

Can someone help me? We already had such a case last year, but there it was possible to disable spamBlocker int the proxyActions configuration. The current version has not this possibility anymore?



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    1. you can contact Customer Care and get a new Feature Key without spamBlocker, which may resolve this.

    2. make sure that the new SMTP policy is above the older one.

    3. you can enable diagnostic logging on the SMTP proxy, which may show something to help.

    4. you can temporarily add a SMTP packet filter to see if the SMTP proxy is really the issue here.

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