PBR not working

I have multiple external interfaces and I want some traffic to go through specific interfaces. I have just the external interface I want to use in the to field, and that didn't work. And I enabled PBR on the policy and that doesn't work either. What do I need to do?

  • Greg Gilbraith

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  • Eugene_Eugene_ WatchGuard Representative
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    Hello Greg,

    This is a common issue and Policy-Based Routing (PBR) is a very misunderstood settings! Key thing to keep in mind with PBR is it only works for outgoing traffic (i.e. connections from Trusted, Option, Custom networks leaving the network on an External Interface).

    If you are trying to use PBR for outgoing traffic then I would recommend using the "Any-External" Alias in the "To" field of the policy. Don't worry, PBR will direct the traffic out the interface set in the PBR settings.


    -- Eugene T. | Support Engineer

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