Gmail problem


it happened to someone to set up a Gmail account in Watchhguard with deep inspection active and he always gets this reminder from Thunderbird, the deep inspection works but this popup always appears saying "ERROR commandi not permitted in current state" for the client it is annoying and gives the idea that not everything is set up optimally.

some idea ?


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    What access type is being used here ?
    I expect that Thunderbird would use IMAPS or POP3, both of which have a proxy option.

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    Hi Bruce,

    Imap, the problem seems to be related to deep inspection, in fact if I disable it the problem disappears.

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    I've now found a small workaround, if I limit the number of connections to the server to keep in the cache (option available in the Thunderbird account's advanced properties) the problem arises only the first time I start downloading the email and then that's it.

    set from 5 to 1, this option is only available for Gmail accounts

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    I use Outlook, not Thunderbird, and I don't have this issue.

    See this other post related to the same message from Thunderbird:

    IMAP-proxy with TLS

    I don't see that FBX-11829 has been addressed in any Fireware version yet.

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    In fact, I also use Outlook and the problem doesn't exist, the other place is always mine (we have 2 accounts), now open for more than 1 year without resolution.

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