HTTP Proxy Settings on mobile devices connecting via Wi-Fi

Do I need to configure the HTTP Proxy settings on my mobile devices when they are connecting to the AP200 access point connected to my Firebox T20? The reason I am asking is that sometimes I have Wi-Fi connection issues such as the connection dropping in and out and I know my iOS devices mention that the connection is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.


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    iOS devices will try normal DNS if DNS over HTTPS (DOH) is blocked.
    DOH uses the normal DNS port - UDP 53. It doesn't use the HTTPS TCP 443 port.

    I have iOS devices connected via a WG AP, and I don't have these issues, and I do have DOH blocked in my config.

    I would look else ware for the cause of this.
    Look at Traffic Monitor to see if there is anything to help.

    How many devices are using the AP200?
    It does have fairly low throughput limits
    It is an old AP model - last sale Dec 31 2016, End of Life Dec 31 2019

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    edited November 2022

    There are six devices connected to the AP - most of them sitting idle as they are devices that I don't use regularly so are only active to update OS and apps. The main active devices are my main iPhone and iPad. All of my other devices that connect via Wi-Fi connect to a separate Wi-Fi Mesh network connected to my Firebox T20 which I have not had any problems with (this includes having streaming devices and game consoles connecting via it at the same time with heavy traffic).

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