Can't connect to vpn XXXXX

Hi All,

M270 v12.7.1

We have 2 users at the same location using the same wifi and same laptop models. User A and User B has VPN Ikev2 connections. User A has a solid connection with no disconnect in the VPN, but User B connects, but after 15 - 1 hour(varies) it disconnects, but when trying again it gets the Can't Connect to VPN Name "XXXX" (The remote connection was denied because the user name and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication is not permitted on the remote access server). The only way for user B to connect is restarting their wifi router. I'm scratching my head on this. Is it their wifi router problem or the firebox? All other users not in the same location connect with not problem to firebox. How can we solve it?


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    Most likely it is the wi-fi router.
    Many of them have issues with 2 or more client VPN connections to the same endpoint IP addr.

    Options -
    . use 2 different client VPN types.
    . create a BOVPN from the wi-fi router to the M270

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    Thanks Bruce. Just odd that it worked for the last 3 years and it's happening now.

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    You should do the free upgrade to 12.7.2 Update 2 - the Cyclops Blink remediation version.

    FAQs on the Cyclops Blink Botnet

    Have you upgraded the firewall or the wi-fi router firmware recently ?
    If not, I have no idea why this started happening recently.

    If you have a support contract on your firewall, you can open a support case to have a WG rep review your firewall config and logs.

    The fact that rebooting the wi-fi router fixes this for a while does suggest that the issue is with the wi-fi router.

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