Management UI unavailable after trusted IP change

I'm new to watchguard products, but I couldn't find anything that seemed to address this question. I am replacing an old firewall with an M200 that I picked up. I changed my trusted interface to match the existing network infrastructure (10.x.0.1/24), and the UI is not accessible from that point forward on the new trusted IP route. After resetting a couple of times, I ended up having to add a secondary network to the interface for the route (and an associated secondary IP on my workstation)

The firewall policy for the UI says Any-Trusted is allowed, and all the documentation implies that it should Just Work, so is the documentation wrong? Or is there some hidden setting somewhere that makes the UI available on the new primary trusted IP? Or is it just hardcoded to listen on the IP and I have to just live with my workaround?


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    I would not expect this at all.

    What do your see in Traffic Monitor when this access is tried from a 10.x.0.x IP addr?
    Perhaps the 10.x.0.x IP addr of your PC ended up on the temp Blocked Sites list???

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    So when I attempted today, it works. It seems odd that my PC would end up on a temp blocked sites list immediately after the interface IP changed. Feels like the web service took a while to figure out that the interface IP changed, or it took me powering it down and moving the firewall into its rack. shrug

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