Forwarding a port from any external to specific workstation internally


Is there a page that lists how to create a port forward from from any external port 60999 to a single IP on the trusted side with the same port number?



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    edited October 2022

    Not for the Web UI yet.

    You need to set up a SNAT and set up a custom packet filter for TCP port 60999.
    If you are using the Web UI, you need to log in using the admin userid & password.
    Select Firewall -> Firewall SNAT
    Add, enter a name for this
    select the public IP addr, type = Internal IP addr, & enter the private IP addr. You do not need to select either check box.
    OK, SAVE
    Select Firewall -> Firewall Policies
    Add Policy
    Select Custom, select ADD
    enter a name, then ADD
    select Single port, TCP, Server port = 60999.
    OK, ADD Policy
    From: - remove Any-trusted, Add Any-external (or for specific Internet public IP addr(s) to which you want to allow access), OK
    To: - remove Any-external, Add - select Member Type = Static NAT, select the SNAT name that you created, OK

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    Hi Bruce

    It looks as if i was able to open that port and with logging enabled and I see it allowing connection.. But unfortunately its not solving my issue.

    One of my kids cant use bittorrent on their pc since when I swapped out firewalls for the T40.. I see in the logs that it recognizes the bittorrent series but, people cant leech from her machine. Have you seen any situation like that?


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    Sorry, no, as I don't use Bittorrent.
    Many recommend using a VPN for Bittorrent connections, which may address the issue.

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    _WGSupport_ChrisC_WGSupport_ChrisC WatchGuard Representative
    edited November 2022

    The next thing I would do is verify that the inbound 60999 traffic is being forwarded to the PC. It sounds like you've seen allow logs that indicate it is.

    You could capture using the TCPDump utility on the firewall or capture from the PC itself with Wireshark. If the 60999 traffic can be confirmed to reach the PC, the problem is unlikely to be the Firebox.

    Would also check whether a policy with Application Control enabled could be blocking torrent traffic.

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