How do I modify a firewall policy type after I create it?

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I'm trying to poke holes through my firewall so everything in my house works. I'm just as concerned about traffic outbound as traffic inbound. I setup dhcp reservations for everything on my network. I setup a new policy that sources the IP internal to external and, within the policy when created, I have to use a policy type. In the policy type, I can tell it to only open up one port. But, once I create the policy, I can't modify the policy type. Only way I've found to modify the policy type and add another port is to delete the policy, then set it up again. I will see the policy type I made and I can edit the policy type. Would make sense to me that I could modify the policy type without deleting and recreating the policy everytime.


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    The policy type in a predefined policy can't be edited -- you must make a new policy.

    If you created a custom template (when you went to create a policy, you selected custom, and defined the ports/protocols the policy would use) you can go back into that screen and edit your policy template. Any policy that uses that custom template will be updated with whatever you added/removed.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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    This is what I see when I open the policy. This isn't a predefined policy. It's a policy I created. I cannot add another port under policy type.

    (FYI, I am working on setting up dhcp reservations for everything on my network and restricting the source IP to specific IPs to make it more secure...)

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    Hi @davidortenn79

    Like I mentioned, you have to edit the policy template, not the policy.
    -Go to firewall -> firewall policies, and click add policy. (it's just the only way to get here, you're not actually creating a new policy.)
    -In the drop down menu under custom, find the policy template you made in the drop down menu.
    -Click edit next to it.
    -Save when done.

    Any policy created with that template will be updated with whatever ports/protocols you added.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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