MPLS connection between sites.

I have an MPLS connection from my network to another site. How do I set up my Firebox to allow connections?

  • Greg Gilbraith

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    Allowing the traffic is fairly simple - you can allow connections to or from interfaces, subnets, etc.

    The tricky part is generally the routing. For best results, connect your MPLS router to a Firebox interface by itself, and the have a static route to the remote network through that router.

    So if your firebox LAN network is, and the remote network is, you could conifgure one of the other Firebox interfaces with a subnet like, and give the MPLS router an IP address on the same subnet,

    Create a static route on the firebox for, with gateway This tells the Firebox to send traffic for the remote subnet to the router at, and makes sure that connections from the remote network will come back from that router.

    • Greg Gilbraith
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