SSLVPN Service restart and dropping all users

Hi guys, today we had an issue where a single user was complaining about being frequently disconnect on SSLVPN.

Soon after, all SSLVPN users were dropped. When internal IT reached me and i started troubleshooting, WAN was alright without recent dowtime.

On status report, i could notice processes sslvpn_firecluster (we do not have FireCluster enabled) and sslvpn-auth had recently restarted (recent uptime), around 40 seconds for SSLVPN auth and 5 minutes for sslvpn_fireculster.

From event logs on Logserver, not much too look at it - related to SSLVPN, except a lot of sslvpn authentications (expected from the behavior described from internal IT).

Grabbing the support file, on diagnostic, i could see several process (maybe the same with different PID was telling parent process to terminate it or it was just advising?

Does anyone have face similar issue, know how to follow troubleshoot or know a solution?

Rafael Ferreira


  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @RafaelFerreira
    Without any context as to why the process is crashing, it's difficult to help determine what to do.

    -What model is the firewall?
    -What version of Fireware is the firewall running?
    -What client is the customer that is connecting using?
    -Does it crash when other users connect, or just this one user?

    If you are in the status report, if you click the support button on the bottom right of that screen, do any faults appear?

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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