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If I have a block of 5 IPs (CLink) and only one hot WAN interface on the CLink NetVanta is it at all possible to assign one of those public IPs to (for instance) ETH2 on the T70? Or, am I stuck using just a single interface on the T70? I am trying to physically separate LAN from VOIP traffic. I have individual switches for both. TIA!


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    edited July 2019

    Not in Mixed Routing mode or with only 5 IP addrs.

    However, you can set things up so that VoIP traffic goes out external using a different public IP addr than is used for your LAN traffic.
    You do this in Dynamic NAT:
    . add an entry with From: the VoIP internal subnet, To: Any-external
    . select "Set source IP" and enter one of the unused public IP addrs
    . have this new entry as the top Dynamic NAT entry

    I believe that that unused public IP addr needs to be added as a Secondary on External.

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