Clusters not syncing?

I have 2 Fireboxes in cluster. Are the cluster members supposed to mirror / sync each other? Because I created a new network on cluster member B, on port 4. When I connected my laptop to member B port 4, I got the correct network DHCP.

But when I connected my laptop to member A port 4, I don't get any DHCP. Is this supposed to be this way? I thought the point of cluster is to be redundant.


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    Is this an A/A cluster or a an A/P cluster?

    If an A/P cluster, then only the master cluster member is active.
    I would not expect Fireware DHCP to be active on the passive member.


    Active/Passive cluster

    In an active/passive cluster, one cluster member is active, and the other is passive. The active cluster member handles all network traffic unless a failover event occurs. The passive cluster member actively monitors the status of the active device. If the active device fails, the passive device takes over the connections assigned to the failed device.

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    I'm not sure, I need to check, any documentation?

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    Please se 1.PNG

    I have member 1 as the backup master
    I have member 2 as the Master (this is where I connected ethernet cable)

    So looks like I have a A/A cluster

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    You have an A/P cluster.
    Member A is in standby.

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    ok thanks for the clarification

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